Catering Recipes – Tying the Whole Menu Together

Catering Recipes – Tying the Whole Menu Together

The creation of a menu, which will balance fantasy with reality, is an art and a science. It is also a skill that can be learned. The easiest way to explain this process is to provide you with a few examples of problem-solving menus. And this is the term used to describe the process of translating the reason for each party, plus the answers to all other essential questions when it comes to catering recipes and tying them all together into great menus.

Let’s take a look at some party examples and formulate the type of catering menu that is appropriate for each situation. Instead of looking at it from the business end, we will go by real-life situations that are catered at home by family members. This will allow you to put yourself in the position of the client.

Sample Party #1:

-The Occasion: you are introducing your daughter’s fiancé and his family to your family
-The Date and Time: summer, from 6 to 9 PM
-The Number of Guests: 25
-The Budget: moderate to high
-Where is detailed: in the host’s garden
-Test Profile: 50% strangers

Here is How We Address the Essentials:

-Summer fruits should be highlighted.
-Your food should be elegant and easy to eat, and befitting this somewhat of a formal occasion.
-The food should be light and mostly cold, because you are acknowledging the weather.
-There should be enough food to be able to provide a light supper, which will be necessary given the time frame of the party.
-A full bar can be included, because it is more cost effective than just wine when your party has a group of 25 or more. On top of that, it feels indulgent.
-Only one dish that requires last-minute attention should ever be included, and it can be handled by the hired help, freeing you up to take care of other matters.

Recommendations for Sample Party #2:

The Occasion: Your Spouse’s Birthday
The Date and Time: In the Fall, around 7:30 PM
The Type of Party: Dinner Party
Number of Guests: 10 Guests
The Budget: Moderate
Where At: Your House
The guest profile: All close friends, and you know they are adventurous eaters. They have been over your house so many times they know all your special recipes by heart, so this time you will take a whole new direction.

Addressing the Essentials

-Your guests enjoy creative, ethnic foods.
-Your husband loves chicken.
-You would prefer a simple menu that you can prepare over a couple of evenings after work.
-The flavors should be spectacular, but the cost should be moderate.
-The cake should be big enough for 50 candles.
-The menu should be suitable enough to be served at a casual buffet, leaving you free, once any of the last-minute dishes are cooked, so you can enjoy the party also.
-Everything on the menu should be readily available in September.

Here is sample party #3:

The Occasion: A Baby shower for Your Daughter
The Date and Time: Springtime, about 11:30 AM
The Type of Party: Brunch Buffet
Number of Guests: 20
Where at: Your Home
Budget: low
The Guest Profile: Women of Various Ages

Addressing the Essentials

-Although this should be an elegant menu, the cost can easily be controlled by maybe serving an interesting casserole, as well as other creative entrées.
-Combining champagne and orange juice reduces the liquor costs.
-Normally guests like to indulge at a party, but women are always watching their weight, so some dishes that address both needs should be included in the menu.
-The party will begin at 11:30 AM, which requires a relatively light menu.
-Your daughter loves fruit, white chocolate, and smoked salmon.
-Everything possible should always be made ahead of time, so that you are free to be the host for the games and activities.

Here is our final scenario, sample party #4:

The occasion: Super Bowl Sunday
The date and time: late January, about noon
The type of party: brunch buffet
The number of guests: 20
Where at: your home
The budget: low
The guest profile: family and neighbors

Addressing the Essentials

-All food should be prepared the day before so there is no rush to be ready by noon.
-The menu should be based on fairly sturdy food that can safely send out during several hours of the game.
-The total cost for the menu should not exceed $5-$6 per person, excluding alcohol.
-The style of the menu should suggest a tailgate party, which is casual, party, comfort food.
-There should be plenty of food so everyone can graze throughout the 3 to 4 hours the game lasts.

You are hereby warned that angst is guaranteed when you ignore the preceding entertainment menu guidelines do not forget the rules of simplicity and do ahead. Play it safe, and learned from the mistakes of others, and you’re entertaining will be a breeze.

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