Does a Tea Maker Exist Just Like a Coffee Maker?

Does a Tea Maker Exist Just Like a Coffee Maker?

Just like a coffee maker, a tea maker exists too. Although not many know about them but they are available in the market.Tea is highly consumed by Asian people, and with the invention of tea making machines, it has now become easy to meet the increasing demand for tea in families. Though tea makers don’t come with lots of variety, we bring you the list of 4 popular tea making machine you may find in the market. These coffee makers come with almost the same features as the best single serve coffee maker which is suitable for homes.

Single Serve Coffee Makers

Bodum Assam Tea Press

Built using heat resistant borosilicate glass, Bodum Assam tea press has capacity to make 1 liter of tea. You can make tea in this machine using loose tea leaves or tea bags.

IngenuiTEA Loose Tea Infuser

IngenuiTEA Loose Tea Infuser can hold up to 470ml of tea at once. This tea machine is BPA free and is also very easy to clean and handle.

Breville VKJ187 Cream Stainless Steel Jug Kettle

Breville VKJ187 jug kettle comes with rear water gauge that ensures accurate filling and non-slip 360° rotational base for cord storage. One can fill up to 1.5 liter of water or milk to make a perfect cup of tea.

Igenix IG7600 compact jug kettle

Igenix IG7600 compact jug kettle is equipped with automatic safety cut off and boil dry for protection whereas LED Power indicator on the machine notifies the consumer that the tea is ready to consume.

Is a semi-automatic espresso machine or a stovetop Moka the best way to make espresso at home?

Many argue that stovetop moka is way better than semi automatic espresso machine to make Espresso at home as it reduces the cost and does not utilize much space. But it’s better to spend a little more on semi automatic espresso machine for tastier and easy to make coffee. Alternative, you can also invest in the best single serve coffee maker for the same purpose.

It might utilize a bit more space than stovetop moka, but it’s an ideal machine for a perfect sip of coffee. Here are top 4 semi automatic espresso machine you can set up at your home.

Rancilio HSD-Silvia Espresso Machine

Rancilio HSD-Silvia espresso machine is one of the most popular espresso machines in the market. It comes with 58mm commercial size portafilter and steam knob and wand. The warranty period of this machine is 2 years.

Breville BES870XL Barista Espresso Machine

Breville BES870XL Barista espresso machine has infusion gauge that indicates the user about adjusting the grind, tamp and amount of coffee. It’s proportional integral derivative lets you control water temperature. It comes with 2 years warranty period.

Mr. Coffee Pump Espresso

Built by one of the most popular coffee maker brands in the market, Mr coffee pump espresso has 1 year warranty period. This machine is equipped with thermal block heater that is capable of heating the water faster. The major benefit of the machine is its small compact size.

The Last Words

As we have now learnt that tea makers do exist, it’s also important to pick the right tea making machine that fits in your budget and delivers perfect taste. Breville VKJ187 Cream Stainless Steel Jug Kettle is an ideal tea making machine that will fulfill all your requirements. Semi automatic espresso is a perfect fit in comparison with stovetop Moka for making best espresso at home or you can also go ahead with the best single serve coffee maker for the purpose of making a fine cup of espresso.

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